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Founded by Dr. Artur Zembowicz, M.D., Ph.D. (Professor of Pathology, Tufts Medical School and the Principal Consultant at

"Organizing CME Courses is a lot of work and can be stressful. I do that to educate myself and stay sharp in my practice. Conventional CME Courses are too basic for me as they are geared towards trainees. Society meetings are often too "academic" or business-oriented. I usually do not learn much attending them. Dermpedia Courses are different. My goal is to teach not only knowledge but also experience. I like sharing what I have learned throughout 20 years of my practice and research. I cherish spending time with the faculty who often are my best friends or mentors. This website was created in a hurry out of necessity to host the first Online Dermpedia Course in lieu of the postponed due to the COVID19 pandemics Course in Krakow, Poland. I fell in love with the medium of a video as an educational tool and resource. Many videos on Dermpedia is free. Unfortunately, creating quality content and obtaining CME accreditation is very time consuming and expensive. This is why we ask the members for financial support of this effort in the form of a monthly subscription. I hope that the subscription fee will not exceed the cost of a few Starbucks lattes and a cookie by much. The more people join the easier will be to achieve this goal. Please join in!"

Artur Zembowicz, M.D., Ph.D.

Fronder and Director

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