Dermpedia Courses could not be be created without the support of the following individuals:

  • The attendees of the postponed 2020 Dermpedia Course in Krakow who trusted us with their tuition that we will make the first Online Dermpedia Course and this website a reality
  • The faculty of the postponed 2020 Dermpedia Course in Krakow (Nooshin Brinster, Phillip McKee, Philip LeBoit and Pedram Gerami)  who did not give up on the project and will be back in Krakow in 2021
  • Phillip McKee, who gave me tremendous encouragement and moral support 
  • Community Medical Centers in Fresno, CA, our CME-Accreditation Partner, especially Mrs. Adrianna Campbell, Director of CME, and Dr. David Slater, a pathologist and dear friend, who helped us to obtain CME Accreditation within a month. In addition, their helpful suggestions made the program much better. 
  • The new faculty of the 2020 Online Dermpedia CME Course (Loren Clarke, Joyce Lee, Stephen Lyle, Sonia Touissant, Yu-hung Wu) who answered my call for urgent help
  • Margaret Cho, Dermpedia Manager, who transformed her home into Dermpedia Headquarters during the COVID 19 pandemic
  • My colleagues from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Dr. Grzegorz Dyduch and Prof. Dariusz Adamek for giving us the opportunity to come back to Krakow in 2021.
  • My dermatopathology partners, Dr. Stephen R. Lyle and Dr. Ana Solky, people I can always count on when needed
  • Stephen Conlin ESQ, ( who helped us draft our policies and terms of use.

The esthetic of Dermpedia Course website benefited from the talents of:

Several people offered tremendous help and advice when we were exploring different options. These include:

  • David Kaminsky, Executive Vice-President of USCAP, who offered us USCAP facilities to record the Course
  • Ethan Kaminsky, Kaminsky Productions, for offering help with producing videos.
  • Raj Singh (Path Presenter) for offering his presentation platform
  • Jonathan Ho ( for advice and offering unconditional help.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife, Margaret, who endured transformation of our home office into a mini production studio and 18 hour a day work days.

I hope that you will enjoy this website.

Artur Zembowicz, M.D., Ph.D.