Dermpedia is one of the largest professional organizations for pathologists and dermatologists interested in dermatopatology. Dermpedia reaches close to 7,000 senior pathologists, dermatopathologists and dermatologists worldwide. Our audience are opinion leaders in their communities. Close to 2000 registered for our Workshops.

We welcome support for Dermpedia from organizations who want to support dermatopathology education and research or want to educate pathologists, dermatologists and dermatopathologists about their products or services.

Sponsoring opportunities include:

  • Unrestricted grants for the website or specific projects.

  • Dermpedia Workshops on topics suggested by a Sponsor.

  • Exhibiting at Dermpedia Events.

  • Hosting Sposor's video contents 

Dermpedia does not sell the members personal information.

We know our audience and we can advise your company regarding best strategies for outreach to dermatopathologists.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities please send an email to courses@dermpedia.org, call us at 

781-292-7267 or complete the form below: