Most good things in life require financial support and this project is no different. requires software, hardware, hosting, licenses, AV equipment, support of staff salaries, etc. Therefore, it is fair to ask the beneficiaries of this website to do their part.

The CME-accredited Online and In-person Courses are self-funding projects. They require separate fees. The subscription is needed to support the website, live Microscopic Sessions (i.e. Consults) and Workshops.

The subscription is required to:

  • access all the recordings of Microscopic Sessions (i.e. Consults) or Workshops (some are free)
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The subscription is not required to:

  • register for a CME-accredited course. If you prefer to just register for an Online or In-Person course, go to the catalog page and select the event. However, we hope that you consider becoming a subscriber as well.
  • register for free live Microscopic Sessions or Workshops (with limited seating preferences will be given to subscribers though)
  • access free content

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Please note that the first 24 hours are free and you can cancel when the subscription period expires. Thus, if you are just curious, it is OK to register, check out the website, then cancel.

As a disclaimer, we should emphasize that the Dermpedia content (courses, microscopic sessions, workshops) is specifically designed for experienced pathologists, dermatopathologists and dermatologists. Dermatopathology Fellows will also benefit. This is not a board review website and some trainees may find the level of discussion well above their heads. However, if you are a trainee, please keep in mind that pretty soon, you will be asked to make difficult decisions which are the subject matter of Dermpedia videos.

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